Brent Fleming
President & CEO
(QUSAC Decaf Inc)

"We are proud to donate money on your behalf to our QUSAC Kids Fund for every pound of coffee purchased that is listed in the 'QUSAC Kids Decaf' section."

"You, the consumer, drive our donations to the Fund. When you purchase one of our sponsored products you bring hope to kid's who need our help."

Nathalie Aurora
Managing Director
(QUSAC Kids Fund)

"You have the power to make a difference in a kid's life. By purchasing a decaf coffee from the list in 'QUSAC Kids Decaf' section, you contribute money to our Fund which empowers us to bring hope to the children that need our help."

"We are committed to making a difference and with your help; we will make the world a better place one QUSAC decaffeinated coffee bean at
a time."

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