The DFE Process by QUSAC

The DFE Process ®

The DFE Process redefines how coffee is decaffeinated. One taste and you will agree that your decaf will never be the same. Many claim to have the best process. However, only our proprietary DFE Process ® proves it time after time in the cup.

Our environmentally conscious process produces a rich, vibrant and well balanced decaffeinated coffee that can only be described as “Delicious”

RGC Coffee

RGC Coffee ®

RGC Coffee is a family-owned and operated importer of high-quality and specialty green coffee in North America. Our president, Ron Gabbay, co-founded the company in 1968 and has spent his entire professional career in the coffee industry.

Ron has since been joined by his daughter Nathalie and his son Jonathan, who continue his tradition of providing roasters with sound advice and the utmost in service.

ecom-coffee (Atlantic NY)

ecom-coffee (Atlantic NY)

Atlantic USA Inc. For info call Steve Colten at 212-248-1190

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